Airtec19 - Enabling Future Mobility closed with great success

30 % increase of exhibitors and participants, high international attendance Top B2B-meetings, exciting future oriented conference and workshops!

Munich, Germany, November 12, 2019 – airtec19 - enabling future mobility - aerospace meets automotive, strengthens its profile in 2019 as a future-oriented international trade fair, B2Bmeetings and conference for future mobility. Airtec19 has succeeded to combine the conventional aerospace industry with the new topics in mobility and connect with the automotive industry. A vivid dialogue between top experts from world-wide has been taken place. Almost all European nations have been represented like the United States, China and Japan. Especially pointed out is the presence of West Virginia at airtec19. The US State of West Virginia was represented with an attractive pavilion and was guest US State of honor. Italy was represented with the largest pavilion and was the strongest exhibition country with exhibitors from all regions of Italy. 132 exhibitors from 17 countries showed their latest technical developments, high tech solutions, research and development projects all from the aerospace industry and urban air mobility. The exhibitors came from areas like engineering, software, manufacturing, 3D printing, parts, composites, metals, components, systems, electronics, sensors, connectivity, autonomy, electrification, safety and security, digitalization, industry 4.0, testing and urban mobility solutions and other sectors. The exhibitors praised the excellent organized and highly efficient B2B-meetings with procurement-, supply chain, global sourcing- and technology and innovation managers from many countries. In total, 3,285 B2Bmeetings have been taken place. 1,852 participants from 26 nations took part. The attractive air vehicle from the company Elektra Solar in Oberpfaffenhofen, Bavaria, Germany, which can be flown manned and unmanned attracted the entire audience.

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