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  • Pulverqualität
  • In-situ-Analyse des Schmelzprozesses
  • Prüftechnische Verfahren

Airbus Operations GmbH ist ein Unternehmen innerhalb der Airbus.Gruppe.

Zu ihrer Aufgabe gehört u.a.

  • Process Monitoring and Control mit den Aufgaben
  • Part NDE and Lifetime Monitoring
  • Parameter Characterization; Prediction calibration; NDE inspection technology development
  • AM Built Process Simulation
  • MeltPool Dynamics, Porosity
  • Melting phenomena

Dabei werden die folgenden Aspekte intensiv bearbeitet:

  • AM Risk Management & Challenges
  • Examples of Risk Factors for AM
  • What did historically work well to address “Known Unknowns”
  • AM Challenges to be addressed
  • Evolution of Criticality of AM parts
  • Range of process parameters
  • Examples of process-induced defects
  • Uncertainties in AM

= Uncertainties in Input materials + Uncertainties in Equipment and Process Performance + Uncertainties in the Final Parts

To counter with a digital Thread

= Metrics and Models + Material Characterization + Process Monitoring and Control + Qualified Part Development of AM - Probabilistic Approach / PFM process